Convincing Family and Friends

Convincing family and friends

This letter contains the major points that have helped persuade friends and family about the possibility of a pole shift disaster, and the value of preparing for one as a means of preparing for any natural or human disaster.
The ZetaTalk site describes in detail the events that take Earth into the "7 of 10" scale of chaos. The pole shift itself is 10. The 7 of 10 events convinced the New Plymouth Clan to prepare in earnest.
The ZetaTalk site provides a Scripted Drama that describes the events of the shift.
The letter to family and friends mentions this article. Although the article emphasizes the financial risks of so much unoccupied real estate, its photos and captions could be used to support the proposition that China had deliberately built such cities as evacuation sites for people withdrawing from threatened coastlines. This is a relatively small low-res version for a quick look. You can also find a hi-res 11mb version here, if you want a better look at the photographs.
This is the hi-res version of the Chinese ghost cities article.
Overview of 7 of 10 events issued by ZetaTalk in March 2011.
A good timeline on the events of the last trimester prior to the shift. From the poleshift.ning.
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